Wecome's You

We aspire to become a pan India, full-services, brokerage house by enabling every Indian to invest and by facilitating financial decision-making. We endeavor to ensure that our customers have a delightful experience by partnering with us. We do this by equipping our customers with a full array of financial options, understanding their needs and priorities, and proving smart solutions to execute their plans. We commit to providing a superior execution platform to the customer by constantly investing and upgrading our service delivery channels, investing in cutting-edge technology, and having the most dynamic and motivated team on the ground, that is focused on enhancing the customers’ experience. Our four pillar philosophies are


  • Investors and top management team are of the highest pedigree with a demonstrated track record in the industry
  • Professionally managed team with the highest standards of ethics
  • Best-in-class compliance and risk management systems to ensure safety and data integrity
  • More than 20 years experience in the financial services industry speaks by itself of our trust and integrity
  • Our long-term relationships speak for our commitment to trust and integrity in our business dealings


  • Highest standards of corporate governance with well-constituted Board of Directors and Management Review Committees that closely participate and monitor business operations.
  • Transparency, disclosure norms and accountability are of paramount importance. We follow industry best practices.
  • Our commitment extends further than our customers, investors and stakeholders, as we focus on corporate social responsibility and aspire to institutionalize it


  • We believe that technology is one of the biggest differentiators in our business, and commit to investing continuously to ensure we deliver superior value to the customer
  • Our new MPLS technology migration plan will accelerate execution multiple times and be of significant value to customers
  • Our compliance and risk management systems are best-in-class and technologically enabled to manage risk
  • Through technology, we ensure safety and efficiency of our business processes
  • We have an innovative technology team that is delivers smart solutions and is core to our business strategy


  • We believe in a strong employee value proposition of "creating and sharing value"
  • We have built the organization based on the philosophy of “professional entrepreneurship”
  • We aim to attain the preferred employer status in our industry
  • Our employees are our wealth creators and we reward them for their motivation
  • We invest heavily in training our employees on a continuous basis to improve our quality delivery levels. We ensure that building learning and development solutions enhances employee value

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